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  • Kristi Bowman

Moving Forward When the World is on Pause

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

We are, no doubt, in unusual times. In many different ways, the COVID-19 health situation is creating stress in our lives and community. It can affect us emotionally, socially, financially and more. What are we doing to keep up our energy during this time? I know we're all aware of self-care practices, such as getting enough sleep, eating healthy, being outdoors and exercising. Even when the whole world seems like it's on hold, our bodies continue to need care and movement. I'm including my Chakra Power Yoga video (link below) as one way to stay moving even when we're not able to get to the gym or local parks.

I know it can feel frustrating that work and daily life have been interrupted. I have a number of personal projects that are being delayed. After a little time of struggle, I've come to a place of acceptance with it. Things will get done when they can get done. It seems surreal, though, when going out to run essential errands. Face masks are mandatory effective this Friday. We now have extra barriers between us all. Of course there is good reason for it: to minimize the spread of the virus. Yet, this situation is changing how we act in community. As we distance ourselves socially, it feels important to not distance each other in our hearts. We can still make eye contact and smile, even behind the masks.

The COVID-19 situation can offer more than stress. As we are forced to slow down, we might find there are gifts that rest in this pause. Perhaps we have more time to be still and observe − the apple blossoms, the call of the birds, the sound of our own breathing, the shapes in the passing clouds. Perhaps we have more quality time with family. It can be an opportunity to go deeper. A nourishing practice is to lie in savasana for several minutes and just allow our bodies to soften, allow each muscle to release any tension it may be holding. Allow the mind to find acceptance and be at peace. Allow the heart to remain open. Allow our inner light to keep shining. From the depth, something new may come.


What new creative project wants to come forth?

What new way of showing appreciation for my partner, family or friends can I express?

What new skill can I learn?

What can I do to contribute something positive?

Moving forward is sometimes about staying physically active. Sometimes it's just about getting through the day with positive attitude intact. What gifts can you find? May each of us move through this challenging time with patience and ease.

To vibrant health & happiness,



Chakra Power Yoga Flow with Kristi

This dynamic, Vinyasa flow yoga practice is designed for beginner to intermediate yoga students. Build strength and flexibility, lose weight, feel a greater sense of balance in life and have more energy! There is a focus on breath, alignment and increased body awareness. Enjoy some creative movement, too. End with a rejuvenating chakra meditation. Kristi has a gentle approach and provides variations of movements to help you feel comfortable. Feel good inside and out.


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