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  • Kristi Bowman

Living Well

It has happened slowly and naturally over the last couple of months. A gentle merging toward a single direction.

As I have been preparing for the publication of my second book, part of the work has involved “branding” myself as an author. That is, creating an identity so as to distinguish my tiny drop self from the ocean of other authors. This is the business part of being a writer, and like branding any business, it involves being clear and consistent.

In this process, I soon realized the need to really clarify and define my goals as a writer and teacher. I sat down with a pen, actually many pens of many different colors, and a piece of paper to start mapping it out. Who am I? Why do I write? What is this work that I do? I’d scribbled words here and there. Such as “yoga teacher” or “health” or “raise awareness.” Some things I would group together, feeling a sense of cohesion, and I’d encircle them in a colorful purple bubble. But then something like “communication” would come in and I’d wonder how that fit. I decided it deserved its own bubble, green this time. Over a few weeks, I’d revisit my map. Each sitting led to change. It morphed into new shapes and new configurations – bubbles, boxes and lines extending in multiple directions connecting this and that. It was starting to feel like I’d never gain the simplicity and clarity I desired. Then I began to see all the words, shapes and areas of focus as part of something larger. So I drew a huge bubble – blue and yellow, earthy yet vibrant colors – around the whole of it, gathering everything together. It all had to do with living well.

The simplicity became apparent. In my work I support individuals in living well. And the joy of it is I get to do this through different pathways – through writing, yoga, outdoor activities and coaching, through speaking and workshops. The specifics of these pathways may even change and shift over time, and that’s okay. It allows for the natural process of evolution. What is constant is that each of the pathways is rooted in wellness.

This task of branding myself has proven to be a gift. It has helped me clarify direction. Rather than feeling scattered, I see the single path before me, and I can proceed full speed ahead. It has helped define my work in a way that encapsulates all I do and still allows for fresh, new teachings.

My approach to wellness is about supporting others in enjoying greater health, happiness and peace of mind. I support wellness locally through the Center for Sacred Movement, and to the greater community through my blog, videos and upcoming book.

I’ve moved my blog from its former Living Yoga platform to my new website here, where the focus is on Living Well. Wellness includes many things, and from this home base I’ll be able to share tips and tools with you which support wellness in body, mind and spirit. This may include everything from yogic breathing techniques to help lower stress, to tips on using the power of our thoughts to influence how we feel, to communication strategies for creating less conflict and more satisfaction in relationships. I hope you enjoy the sharing.

Let the wellness adventure begin!


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