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Happy Soulstice, Vit D & Shining Within

Night is at its longest this winter solstice. We are at the transition point. Tomorrow begins longer days and increasing light. I enjoy watching the path of the sun throughout the year, noticing how low it is in the sky in winter, and how the sun reaches its zenith in June. That rise of light begins now. We can let it touch into our hearts and souls, energizing us through winter and into whatever new experiences await us in 2021.

We can also allow the light to feed us in a physical way. We can take advantage of when the sun is shining and get outdoors -- go for hikes, garden or simply bask. It helps us feel good and gives us some much-needed Vitamin D. Clinical studies have linked Vit D deficiency to breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, depression and weight gain. Our bodies produce Vit D, but only when the skin gets sufficient exposure to sunlight. Vit D helps regulate the immune system, helping to ward off disease, and also is required for our bodies to absorb calcium, making for healthy, strong bones. Let's do all we can to enjoy some sun!

This solstice provides opportunities to connect with the light in multiple ways. I find it is an auspicious time to reignite the flame within. This year has perhaps left many of us feeling drained. Stress and change can definitely do that. We can off-set some of these effects through meditation, movement and/or intention-setting. We can allow for quite time and extra sleep. We can hike, do yoga, exercise. The winter solstice, to me, feels like the true start of the new year, a new cycle. Like tracing the sun across the sky, this is when I get clear in my intentions as to how and where I want to send my energy for the coming months, and visualize my inner light growing brighter and rising higher, to help bring those intentions to completion. Each of us has that same light. May you shine brightly in 2021!

Wishing you wellness, peace and joy through the holidays! Kristi Bowman


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