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2020: A Year for Change

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Time can feel like it's passing so quickly. Here we are already in 2020! I hope it has been a happy one for you so far. One of the great things about stepping into a new year (and decade!) is the potential that awaits us. In other words, if you're not feeling as happy and fulfilled as you would like, the opportunity lies just ahead for making that more of a reality.

For us, 2020 has already been a year of change. My husband's father, Joe, passed away in early January. He was such a kind man and loving father. Tony and his 4 siblings and mom spent the last few months taking turns providing care and being a loving presence for Joe as he made his transition. The family's incredible strength and love was inspiring to witness. I feel Tony's words say it best, "My father has a new journey ahead of him - a new destination and a new purpose. His spirit is strong and he will find his way."

Another big change is I recently accepted a full-time position at Osmosis Day Spa & Sanctuary. Not only is my commute only 8 minutes, I get to spend my days surrounded by nature and Zen gardens and in the company of an amazing group of people. I enjoy being part of a leadership team, and the energy of Osmosis is one of healing, wellness and growth.

Also new is I'm in the process of recording an audiobook for A Butterfly Life! It has been a dream to share this story and the transformative tools in my own voice. Plus, audiobooks are so convenient for listening to while driving, doing things around the house or while taking a walk through the park. A Butterfly Life will be available on audible and iTunes this spring!

As you look ahead to this year that is ripe with potential, what do you dream? Is your intention for 2020 to increase your health? Would you like to lose weight or learn ways to more effectively handle stress? Do you wish to have more time for creative projects or travel? It doesn't have to be just another passing year, where things look the same as they did a year ago. It can be different.

How will 2020 be a year for change?

Tony and I have set the intention to buy a house. Yep, this is the year! We've been enjoying going to open houses and keeping an eye on the market. Everything is in order. We're just waiting for the right place to come along, the one that whispers to us,

"This is home."

Planting seeds of intention can be a powerful process. Once planted, it's up to each of us to give energy and nurture those seeds so they sprout and grow fruit. So plant away, and may you find joy in what grows!

To a healthy and happy 2020!


The butterfly reminds us change can be beautiful, even necessary, in order to realize our full potential and live our best life.

In A Butterfly Life, Kristi Bowman brings together artful storytelling and practical tools to help readers achieve whole-body wellness and enjoy more happiness in love, work and daily life.

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