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Kristi Bowman


The key to happiness lies within

our own transformation.


Thank you for visiting! I'm passionate about supporting people in enjoying happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.


Many of us would like to feel better physically, have more energy, enjoy more loving relationships, or be engaged in work that feels more meaningful. Which is it for you? As an author and wellness specialist, I offer books and other tools designed to increase health and well-being and support personal growth.


With more than 20 years working in the field of wellness, I've learned how a joyful life begins with doing our inner work. The more we can focus on our personal and spiritual growth, the more we will be able to achieve happiness and satisfaction in our relationships and career, and improve our health.

The butterfly, and its stages of transformation, can be a sweet symbol for our own personal journeys. It reminds us how change can lead to beautiful things, and may even be necessary for living our best life.

My latest book, A Butterfly Life, is a story about embracing change and includes 4 Keys (think of them as steps along the path) for more happiness, better health and letting your true self shine. It brings together teachings from yoga, Native spiritual wisdom and leading-edge practices in the field of health and wellness to support personal transformation. You are invited to download the first 2 chapters for free.

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Here you'll also find my first book, Journey to One, yoga videos and more. I hope you find the books and wellness resources a source of support in your continuing journey.


Wishing you vibrant health and happiness!


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Journey to One


...powerful.... Her story of personal freedom is an inspiration and a road map for anyone seeking wholeness.

A Butterfly Life


We need real life stories of transformation.... Kristi reveals her life journey and shares potent tools as a support for all...

HeatherAsh Amara, best-selling author of WARRIOR GODDESS TRAINING


world-renowned yoga teacher and author of Tending the Heart Fire - Living in Rhythm with the Pulse of Life

A Butterfly Life

... [a] journey to a more fearless, aware and fulfilled life... Bowman tells a striking story...


In The Press


KRISTI BOWMAN is a writer and nationally-acclaimed Wellness Consultant, specializing in supporting health in body, mind and spirit.


​​Her latest book is A Butterfly Life: 4 Keys to More Happiness, Better Health and Letting Your True Self Shine. In it Kristi blends artful storytelling and powerful teachings from yoga, Native spiritual wisdom and leading-edge practices in the field of health and wellness to support individuals in positively transforming their lives


Kristi published her first book in 2009, Journey to One: A Woman's Story of Emotional Healing and Spiritual Awakening. It reveals her personal story of recovering from depression and finding her passion and path in life as a writer and teacher.

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She has 20 years' experience supporting people in wellness and personal growth, from the front lines to executive leadership. In 2010 Kristi co-founded the Center for Sacred Movement (CSM), located in the San Francisco North Bay, and served as its lead teacher and Director for 9 years. CSM provided yoga classes, outdoor adventures, wellness coaching, nutritional services and transformative workshops. Prior to that, she worked as a Senior Director and National Coach & Consultant with The Y, helping to transform organizational practices and support communities across the U.S. in healthy living and chronic disease prevention.

She graduated with Highest Honors from Dominican University in San Rafael, California. Kristi is also an experienced Certified Yoga Instructor from the Samudra Global School for Living Yoga, trained by world-renowned teacher, Shiva Rea.

​​She lives happily with her husband in northern California.


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The following videos are provided as resources to increase wellness and support personal growth. This page will be continually updated as new recordings become available.

Find additional videos on Kristi's YouTube Channel.


In the Goo: the Messy Side of Metamorphosis


Kristi talks about this most difficult stage in one's personal transformation and offers 3 simple practices for greater ease in getting through the goo  (4:14)

How ALL-or-NOTHING Thinking Can Keep Us Stuck


Kristi shares everyday examples of all-or-nothing thinking and how to shift it to increase your wellness and joy  (5:52)


A look inside A Butterfly Life

Part 1 - A story about change  (6:37)

A look inside A Butterfly Life

Part 2 - The 4 Keys to vibrant health and happiness  (5:58)


  This complete Vinyasa Yoga practice helps you feel good inside and out! Build strength and flexibility, reduce stress, and feel more balanced. Activate the energy centers and boost your wellness on all levels. (45 min)

Chakra Power Flow

Complete Class for Beg-Int

Yoga in the Office

Part 1:  Upper Body Wellness

Simple yoga movements specifically designed for the office. Stretch and strengthen neck, shoulders, back and feel better. (10 min)

Mandala Namaskar I
Circular Vinyasa Yoga Sequence

A hip-opening, heart-opening short sequence. Great for individuals with at least some yoga experience or for yoga teachers looking to add new ways of moving into their classes, besides traditional linear flows. (7 min)

Yoga in the Office

Part 2:  Lower Body Wellness

Strengthen legs and core, and keep hips and spine in motion to help prevent injury and discomfort while you work. (15 min)



Do What Scares You

How to use fear to open up new possibilities, utilizing body and breath. (2:53)

Movement is Medicine

Ways to add more movement to help you feel good and prevent chronic disease, with a focus on yoga and walking. (3:33)

Healing Power of Nature

Kristi reveals how nature brings wellness in body, mind and spirit. (3:58)

Holistic Approach

Kristi shares the big picture of wellness and offers a simple yoga meditation for less stress and more calm. (5:31)

Video & Audio


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