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Stay Well this Fall - Immunity Boost Basics

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

How can we give ourselves the best chance at staying well?

This is often the time of year when the colds and flu start making the rounds. Perhaps you've noticed people out sick at your work, or you have already experienced the sniffles yourself this season. I had a touch of a cold a few weeks ago, and thankfully it was just some nasal congestion, and it didn't greatly impact my usual routine. But a cold can be a good (albeit uncomfortable) reminder about needing to care for our bodies.

There are various herbs and supplements which have been shown to strengthen one's immune system, including Echinacea, Ginseng, Astragalus, Vitamin C and Zinc. However, as a wellness specialist, I like to highlight things we can do which can have an even bigger impact on boosting immunity. I'm talking about the basics:

Get enough sleep

Eat well


Wash hands often

The best defense against illness is a healthy lifestyle. As adults, we need those 8 hours of rest each night. Also, our bodies are best served by eating lots of vegetables and fruits, nuts and lean protein, and minimizing the intake of sugar, dairy and wheat-based carbs. Getting regular physical activity, such as hiking, swimming and yoga, keeps the lymphatic fluid circulating and helps ward off disease. Washing our hands often (particularly before we eat or touch our eyes or mouths), especially when we spend considerable time in public places, is a strong safeguard against illness.

When I had the touch of a cold, I knew I needed to do everything I could to ensure I got enough sleep. I knew my body would do the rest, and it did. It didn't turn into a full-blown cold, and I recovered quickly. Our bodies naturally want to heal, which I think is pretty amazing. Of course, we cannot always avoid getting sick. But when we take steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we're supporting healthy immune function and giving ourselves the best opportunity to keep feeling good!

In wellness,

Kristi Bowman


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